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Spa Treatments

We use our in-house She Beauty Skincare for all our facial treatments. Our signature skincare line is made up of natural and botanical ingredients that are good for you, your skin, and the planet. 

Balancing Facial


After a consultation and skin analysis, your facial will be uniquely customized just for you. Using specific cleansers, exfoliation, mask, massage, serums and moisturizer to suit your needs. Leaving your skin nourished and balanced.

Signature Peel Facials


All our signature peel facials include: appropriate cleanser, exfoliation, mask, massage, serums and moisturizer to suit your needs.

Revitalizing Peel Facial

This facial uses an AHA Peel to help revitalize dull skin. Leaving you with a radiant glow.

Restorative Age-Defying Peel Facial

Catering to those with maturing skin or those concerned with early signs of aging. This peel offers an amazing blend of retinol and AHA's, increasing hydration and helping improve the appearance of fine lines.

Purifying Peel Facial 

Great for those with acne, oily skin and larger pores. Leaves your skin with a brightened and smooth complexion.


Balancing Back Facial 


Back facials are great for relaxation and addressing issues such as acne, dry or oily skin and muscle tension. We start off with a consultation and skin analysis to customize a unique treatment designed for you. All treatments include cleansing, exfoliation and mask. Followed by a relaxing massage.

Swedish Massage

60 minute  $100

90 minute  $ 140

This full body massage helps soothe aching muscles, creates a feeling of deep relaxation and overall well-being.

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